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Airport transfer by private water taxi

Fast transfer directly to your hotel.

In contrast to public transport (Vaporetti),
who only hold in few places in Venice (Italy),
bring a water taxi you directly in your hotel.

Reliable, fast, convenient and safe….

Fast transfer in your hotel

If you book in advance, a water taxi will be waiting for you at the airport and
drive you directly in your hotel in Venice  (Italy) or to every other destination in the city.

(for example to the port of the cruise ships)


Departure times

After you have landed, you are going in the airport building to the switch of the water taxis.
If you have reserved in advance, you are expected and a taxi is ready for you.

This offer is valid 24 hours every day.

Up to 10 people and 12 pieces of luggage can be accommodated in one taxi.

The official prices of taxi drivers
Marco Polo airport to hotel in Venice  (Italy)
125,00 Euro per Taxi for 1 to 6 persons.
For 7-10 persons the taxis require 150,00 Euro.

Marco Polo airport to Lido: (stop S. Maria Elisabetta)
125,00 euro per taxi for 1 to 6 persons.
For 7-10 persons the taxi require 150,00 Euro

Marco Polo Airport to Cruise Port.
135,00 Euro per taxi for 1 to 6 persons.
For 7-10 persons the taxis require 160,00 Euro.

10,00 Euro discount.
10,00 Euro reduction by booking for both transfers together

Our tip:
Make a requst now, so you know exactly how the prices are:

1.  A maximum of 10 persons and 12 pieces per water taxi can be transported.
For groups with more than 10 persons you have to reserve more water taxis.

2.  Restrictions: The private docks of the following hotels can not be reached directly by water taxi:
Duodo, Splendid, Cavaletto, Saturnia, Bonvecchiati, Bonvecchiati Palace.
The boats always stop at the nearest dock
(5 minutes walk from the hotel)

3.  The particularly narrow waterways and canals our water taxis can not drive.
In this case, we will bring you to the nearest dock.
(not more than 5 minutes walk from the hotel)

4.   The reservations can be canceled until 2 working days before the scheduled trip.
In this case you will receive a refund of 70%.

Supplement narrow canal
Is your hotel in the middle of the city on a small narrow canal,
in which the taxis are allowed to drive only very slowly,
require this again 15,00 or 25,00 Euros extra.
(If you look at the picture, you can see the speed limit of 5 km/h)

Supplement Night service from 22.00 to 07.00
10,00 Euro per water taxi

Supplement for extra luggage:
5,00 Euro for each additional luggage

Supplement for large hand luggage:
5,00 Euro for each larger hand luggage.
Whether the hand luggage has normal size and is free or has oversize and
additionally costs 5,00 Euro decides only the taxi driver on spot.
In this case you have to pay the money on spot to the taxi driver.

Our tip:
Make a requst now, so you know exactly how the prices are:

Advance reservation is strongly advised
If you want a taxi at the airport without reservation in Venice (Italy)  it is not sure that
a water taxi is available and you have to wait until a taxi from Venice is reordered.
(about 35 minutes waiting time)

We strongly advise you to book a water taxi in advance.

It costs the same as on the spot and saves you unnecessary waiting times.

You have reserved your hotel in advance !

In the picture an empty landing stage at the airport.


The minimum prices on spot in the Marco Polo airport.




These price tags you can find all over in the airport building
Marco Polo in Venice  (Italy).

As you can see, 120,00 to 130,00 Euro is the official minimum price
per taxi per trip for the first 4 persons.

You will discover it yourself,
if you arrive with your plane in Venice  (Italy).

Minimum prices

The official prices which you see everywhere in the airport building are only the minimum prices.

Supplements such as night supplement, Supplement for drive to Lido,
Supplement for luggage, more than 4 persons per Taxi, etc., are added on site.

From 6 persons:
By an advance booking here on are included the 6 persons
instead of 4 persons in the basic price of 125,00 Euro.

We from give the wholesale prices,
which we get from the taxi driver, to you.

You should NOT pay more.

Our customers:

It happens again and again, that incredulous customers ask us on the phone why we are so cheap with our price offer of 125,00 Euro.

Our answer: We do not make the prices ourselves, we just pass them on.
Maybe some customers are afraid, we would only mediate pedal bots or rowboats

Hotel prices:

We keep hearing from our customers over the phone, hotel charge 245,00 Euro as the price for a simple taxi ride.

Our comment: Look at the price tag in the airport, then you know the official prices.

Recently a guest told us on the phone that his hotel even proudly 400,00 Euro for the round trip required.

Official prices:

You can be 100% sure that you get offered
here on the official prices.

Is the original homepage with the city name domain.

Our job is to inform all Venice  (Italy) visitors, open and honest,
comprehensive and of course free.

You can also book your water taxi cheap through us.

Exclusive partnership – has an exclusive partnership with the consortium water taxis Venice.

Even with a reservation in advance, only the local price applies!
There are NO reservation fees.


Customer recensions

Dear Mrs. Holzinger,
Thank you very much!!!
The ride was DREAMY and made us excited.
Everything worked perfectly, and one thing is perfect certainly:
We will come back and you very please request us to book a water taxi!!!
There is nothing to improve, everything went great!!!
Until next time!
Lovely wishes!!
Silvana B.
Dear Mrs. Holzinger,
both transfers were really perfect.
There was nothing to complain about.
The driver was always friendly and helpful,
he was very punctual on both stops.
So full satisfaction !!
Best regards,

Peter H.

Dear Mrs. Holzinger,
both transfers were really perfect.
There was nothing to complain about.
The driver was always friendly and helpful,
he was very punctual on both stops.
So full satisfaction !!
Best regards,
Peter H.
Thank you very much
Despite a lot of delay on our part,
everything worked very well.
Best regards,
Dr. Uta S.
Good day,
Everything worked out wonderfully.
The drive to Venice was breathtaking.
Thank you and greetings.
Marc D.
Everything was perfect!
Driver has been waiting and was very friendly!
Gladly again! Best regards,
Alois W.
Hello and good morning,
Everything went well.
Taxi was great, driver very friendly and absolutely punctual.
Will definitely book again with you.
Thanks Hanne K.
Dear Mrs. Holzinger,
Thank you for your demand.
Everything went well and the ride was wonderful.
Also the return trip was perfectly.
With kind regards, Thomas F.
Hallo und guten Morgen,

Es hat alles bestens geklappt.
Taxi war super, Fahrer sehr freundlich und
absolut pünktlich.
Werden auf jeden Fall wieder bei Ihnen buchen.
Danke Hanne K.
Guten Abend Frau Holzinger

Alles hat sehr gut geklappt, auch die Rückfahrt am 18.2.
Wir haben uns nur über die Unfreundlichkeit der Taxifahrer gewundert.
Vielen Dank und freundliche Grüße
Eva B.
Hello Mrs. Holzinger,
everything was great!
By the next visit to Venice we will also book through you!
Best regards, Stephan W.
Hello Mrs. Holzinger,
Everything worked great!
Thank you very much
Best regards, Simone K.
Matter of luck: Commissario Brunetti´s water taxi
Maybe you are lucky.
To the taxi which we will rent to you belongs also the taxi with number 307.

This is very luxurious and you know it from the television thriller series
Commissario Brunetti.

So take care to the taxi number which transports you in Venice.
Maybe you are lucky.


Do you want a non-binding offer by email?

Number of persons
Arrival time of plane
Flight number  
hotel name or port?


Your first and last name
Your E-Mail address


Other wishes
(such as a return transport to the airport with date and time of return flight)


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Privacy statement

You have the guarantee:

 - Your e-mail address will ONLY be used to answer this request.
- Your e-mail address will not be shared with third parties.
- You will NOT get Spam from us


You 10 water taxi benefits


This is by far the fastest way of airport transfer


The Taxi takes the fastest and shortest route to your destination (hotel, port, etc.)


You are already in your hotel, if others are waiting at the airport for the next public transport boat.


A water taxi is waiting for you and leaves immediately when you arrive.


The taxi stops directly at your hotel. You do NOT have to be in Venice across wide suqares, narrow streets and high bridges carrying your bags behind you.


There are NO other passengers on board.


You are NOT an anonymous mass tourist. You are expected.


You DO NOT have to be in a crowded public transport boat to take an uncomfortable, shaky standing place.


You do NOT need to know Venice. The taxi will take you directly to your hotel


You can enjoy your journey very relaxed.

We help you: The team of

If you have questions, just call me:

Mrs. Gabi Holzinger (left) 0049 – 8171 – 911 60 84

Alternative taxi ride: The shuttle service

To the offer for a private taxi just for you,
there is also a shuttle service.


It does not start right after your landing, but only every 30 to 60 minutes


It does NOT drive directly to your hotel, only in the near of the hotel. Mostly it keeps between 2 hotels and leaves a party left and another party right off.


The pure travel time between the airport and Venice is about the same. The shuttle service, however, goes to several hotels in Venice.


The shuttle service costs on only 29,00 Euro per person per drive.


Make a requesrt now click here


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